F1 2021: Spanish Grand Prix Setup Guide

September 19, 2021
Best Setup for F1 2021 Spain Grand Prix

So, I heard you will do whatever it takes to win in the Spanish Grand Prix in F1 2021 this year? Well, if that’s the case, then you’d better prepare the best Spanish Grand Prix setup you possibly can if you hope to beat your opponents.

Lucky for you, this F1 2021 Spanish Grand Prix setup guide is all you need to make sure that your car is operating at optimal performance.

Ready! Get set! Go, go, go!

Best Spanish Grand Prix Setup Guide in F1 2021

In F1, it’s not just about building the fastest car that completely disregards aerodynamics, geometry, or brakes. There’s a lot more that goes into creating a balanced setup that offers more advantages compared to your opponents inside the game. As a result, by following this setup guide that is perfectly designed for the Spanish Grand Prix track, you will have a huge chance of winning and finishing first.

If you’re ready, let’s check out how the best F1 2021 Spanish Grand Prix setup looks:


We’ve looked at all the stats this F1 track has to offer. We’ve taken into consideration all the details and have decided to go with the 7-11 wings for the Spanish Grand Prix this year.

If you’re asking why, it’s because the first sector here has a lot of curves and turns that we need to take into consideration. This may not be the fastest build but it will save you a lot of time by making sure you make each turn perfectly and don’t waste even a second in the first sector.

If you perform great here, then you won’t need to worry about overtaking later when the track straightens out.

So, set the Front Wing Aero to 7 and the Rear Wing Aero to 11 and enjoy the ride.


In order to get decent traction out of the corners in this track, setting the On-Throttle Differential Adjustment to 70% performs almost perfectly. Don’t worry, we’ve tested this. And don’t worry about understeer mishaps here because we made sure to avoid this as much as possible by adjusting it with the aerodynamic settings above.

In addition, setting the Off-Throttle to 55% will keep you balanced and prevent you from losing control when you hit the gas once again.

Suspension Geometry

If you played F1 2020 and know how to build the perfect setup for the Spain Grand Prix then you don’t have to worry too much about this part. The settings are pretty much the same.

In order not to complicate things and get into a whole new world of suspension geometry, I’m just going to list the perfect settings for this feature so that you cross the finish line first on the Spanish Grand Prix in F1 2021.

  • Front Camber: -2.50
  • Rear Camber: -2.00
  • Front Toe: 0.06
  • Rear Toe: 0.20


Unlike the suspension geometry, the suspension settings are entirely different compared to last year’s setup.

There are a lot of features to cover here, so listen carefully. The suspension setup this year is stiffer. You are required to set the Front Suspension to 8 and the Rear Suspension to 7. Both the front and the rear Anti-Roll Bars will be set to 8 as well. These settings will make you extremely responsive when changing direction and help you control the car better.

In addition, we can’t afford to have the car bang on the curb and whatnot. As a result, we have decided to set the front Ride Height to 3 and the rear Ride Height to 6.


Based on the setup changes so far, we can’t afford to leave the brake settings at 100/50 as we did last year. As a result, based on the new changes on all of the other features, we’ve decided that the best combo for the brakes this year is 97/56.

In order to decrease lockups and overall improve brake performance, you should set the brake pressure to 97% and adjust the brake bias to 56%. Do this and watch how your driving performance improves after you get used to these new changes.


Given that the Spanish Grand Prix track in F1 2021 is front-limited, we can take advantage of this and boost rear performance. So, how do we do this when it comes to the tyres settings?

First, you need more grip from the front tyres and you also need to protect them from increased wear. We’ve found that the perfect setting for this is setting the front tyres to 21.4psi.

As for the rear tyres, you can set them to 23.1psi to boost performance down the pit straight. This combination will help provide more speed and also offer the perfect amount of grip for this F1 track.