Evil West: How To Beat The Vampire Highborn

The world of Evil West comes with plenty of bloodthirsty monstrosities which you as a secret agent from a vampire-hunting institute has to fight against and destroy all the vampires, monsters and also various bosses that will give a challenging fight. Peter D’Abano, is a turned Vampire Highborn he is not that powerful as it looks like. You will encounter him at the end of Evil West’s second mission, but first let’s check some of his mechanics.

In this guide, we will show you How To Beat The Vampire Higjborn In Evil West!

How To Beat The Vampire Highborn – Evil West

You will come across the Vampire Highborn boss in the early game, in The Raid which is at the end of Evil West’s second mission.

This boss has a several powerful moves that can be easily avoid, and before you get into a battle with him, make sure that you are well equipped and you have set your skill points properly for fighting.

One of the first main attacks of The Vampire Higborn that you will notice is hitting with his flaming claws and then a one hit with his wings also charged in a flame. He is performing this attack mostly when you are closer to him.

With this attack, he can really deal a good amount of damage to you, but to avoid it, you have to keep moving around and don’t stay so close to him, and also shoot him in the same time to stop him from performing the melee attack.

Sometimes, after you deal some damage on him, he will jump from his standing position and launch himself toward you. This can be noticed when he will open his wings and his body will start glowing which mean he is charging the attack.

He has also a ranged attack which is a throwing red blast on you that looks like blood. He will stand up, cover his body with its wings and then launch the blood blast.

Sometimes you won’t have enough time to avoid this attack, but anyway it doesn’t deal much damage.

The Vampire Highborn boss also has the ability to spawn his small monsters some of them are on the ground and others flying. You can use your rifle and shoot at them because they have ranged attacks and always stay away from you.

Get ready for this wave of spawning enemies when the boss will fly up in the air and accumulate bats all around him and then release a circle blast which will spawn the monsters.

This is the perfect time to keep on shooting on him with your ranged weapon and deal some serious damage.

However, to deal greater damage to him, you should stay close and use melee attacks. This might be a bit dangerous for you because he can attack you back, but if you know how to move properly and quickly avoid his attacks, there won’t be any issue.

The best time to use your ranged rifle is when the boss is using his ranged attack because then you can strike his weakest points.