Evil West: How To Beat Gowrow

November 23, 2022
Want to know How To Beat Gowrow in Evil West? Then check out this guide!

Being an agent in a top-secret vampire-hunting institute, your job is to save humanity from the bloodthirsty monstrosities equipped with your weapons and hunting tools. In a solo or coop, you can fight against some of the bosses with style in visceral and explosive combats. Gowrow is one of the first bosses that you will encounter and you’ll want to know how to defeat this challenging fast-moving monster.

This guide will show you How To Beat Gowrow in Evil West!

How To Beat Gowrow – Evil West

Gowrow – The Insatiable Digger is one of the first and most challenging bosses you will meet in Evil West.  He is a fast-moving boss who wants to dig deep and wide in search of rotten flesh.  

Always stay alert while fighting him because even if he’s far from you,  he can appear next to you by moving through the ground.

To be able to defeat him easily, you should know some of his mechanics before starting the battle.

Gowrow is a melee attack boss which has his claws as his main attack. He has the ability to charge his claws, and when going to attacks you, they will become bigger and flaming.

Once he is charged up, you have to be ready to dodge him because he will be hitting with the claws against you, which have a bit wide range.

With the claws, he is always performing multiple hits while moving toward you. That’s why you always need to keep your distance from him.

While he is near you after his melee combo attacks, it is the right time to hit him back with your melee weapon. You need to be quick enough because, after a couple of seconds, he will dig into the ground and move away from you which is his defensive mechanism to escape.

Once he is under the ground, make sure to follow where he is moving, because most of the time, he will come out in front of you with his charged melee attack and try to hit you hard.

To avoid his attacks from the ground, you have to move around all the time, and use your role movement to dodge his attacks.

If you stand in one position, Gowrow will focus on you and always hit on the place where you standing, which means if you move, he won’t be able to focus you properly and his hits won’t be accurate.

When Gowrow is far from you, he has the only range attack on you which is throwing a big rock. Once he is doing that, you will see a flaming circle around him which means he is charging his attack.

At this moment, to counter him, you should use your rifle or any ranged weapon that you have and shoot at him while he is charging up.

If you shoot precisely, you can break the rock that he is holding and he won’t be able to hit you. But, after this, be careful because he will dig into the ground and move pretty fast directly to you.

That’s why, once you shoot him, make sure to run on the side and change your standing position.

Take note that when he comes out from the ground and misses hitting you, then he will start running toward you which is another attack you should dodge by moving to the side or just use the rolling ability on the ground.

Also, whenever you hit him, he becomes angrier and he will start charging his whole body which will become all shiny in flames.

That’s why you must use ranged weapons against this boss, and always keep your distance because he is very fast and you might be surprised when he appears in front of you.

Use melee attacks only when you have a chance in the moment when he comes to you. Don’t be the one who will approach a melee attack first.

Once his health bar is almost low, he will spawn a few flying monsters that are throwing flaming balls at you. This time you should stay away and keep on moving around and shooting at them in the same time.

Another important thing to know is that you can shoot at one of his claws or hit it with your melee weapon and it will cut off him. It will make him vulnerable and he will have a hard time hitting you back.