Evil West: All From Dusk Till Dawn Collectibles (Mission 4)

Old school vampire-slaying game Evil West features various collectibles to find across its sixteen, truly fun missions. These can be collectible items that reveal more stories about the world of Evil West, Bucks, or chests. If you are one of those that want everything done to completion, we got you covered! Below, we will be showing all the collectibles you can find in Evil West’s 4th mission, ‘From Dusk till Dawn.’

All From Dusk Till Dawn Collectibles (Mission 4) – Evil West

The game’s 4th mission, titled: From Dusk till Dawn, has the protagonist running and blasting zombies in an abandoned town. It has 7 total collectibles in it, with all of them being Bucks.

At the start of the mission, in the abandoned small town with several patches of grass, look to the left to the tree that has a man hanging on it by a rope to his neck.

The rope should be shining, indicating that it is a collectible. Aim at the shining object and shoot it down. This is the first collectible in the mission. It will give you 88 Bucks.

After that, vault over the small obstacle to the section of the level and blow up the TNTs to the right. Behind the explosives lies the second collectible. Open the chest glowing in gold to get 237 Bucks.

For the next collectible, go back to the section where you found the man hanging on the tree. Move towards the open gateway with a bright orange light.

Before vaulting over to the next area, look to the right toward some boxes. You should see there one that is glowing. Shoot it down to get the third collectible. It will give you 81 Bucks.

On the next area where you would be surrounded by fire, head towards an opening where you can see yet another hanging man. Again, the rope should be glowing.

Vault over the obstacle and shoot down the rope to get the fourth collectible. Getting it gives you 77 Bucks.

This time, go back to the flaming arena and climb over the platform with a broken ladder. You should see several crates and a glowing blue object.

After a short cutscene and an encounter with several vampires, move forward on the platform.

Aim at the glowing box and shoot to get the fifth collectible. It will give you 95 Bucks.

Just next to the previous collectible is yet another hanging man. Just like the two before it, shoot down the glowing rope to get the sixth collectible. It has 67 Bucks.

Behind the hanging man to the side is a destructible object signified by a glowing white chain. Move towards it and you should see a punch icon. Punch it to reveal a hidden area.

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On the small area hides the seventh and last collectible for this particular mission. Open the chest to get 225 Bucks.

There you have it! That is all the collectibles in Evil West’s 4th mission. Now go out there and get them all!

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