Evil Dead the Game: How to Complete Mission 3 Guide

May 17, 2022
Time to solve Mission 3 in Evil Dead: The Game!

Evil Dead: The Game is a third-person shooter game with many objectives. The missions in this game will require you to position yourself perfectly and be as efficient as possible with killing monsters and surviving each wave. The third mission of this game will give you marks where you must go and clear out areas.

This guide will show you how to complete Mission 3 in Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead the Game: How to Complete Mission 3 Guide

Your journey will begin at the Faison Farm area. You will have a red exclamation point that will lead you inside the vehicle. Entering the vehicle will start the mission and take you to various areas.

In Faison Farm, there will be a few sheds and builds. Before entering the vehicle and starting the mission, roam around the area and begin looting ammo, amulets, and sodas.

These essentials will keep your health replenished so you can survive much longer in each fight.

You will need these items because as you get through different objectives, each fight gets harder and harder. Without these items, the last phase can be hard and you will continuously die.

When you are sure that you have looted everything, head over to the car, enter it, and begin the mission.

3 Healing items and 2 Shields are the minimal requirements that you should take to begin.

Your first shooting area will be at the Railway Loop area. Once you pass through the red exclamation mark, go up to the shed and hold your ground at that area.

Staying at the shed will help you look at enemies better and they will all come from one direction, and not surround you.

There is also extra loot inside the shack if you run out of supplies.

Also, you need to make sure to not spend as much ammo and shoot around the area hitting nothing. Try landing headshots to be more efficient with time and ammo.

Once you have finished this area, you will have the next marked location on the map which will be the Royal Oak Cemetery area.

Before triggering the objective, move over to the marked location on the image, there you will find a shed filled with supplies. Stay at that location once the objective has been triggered.

You will be safe from behind and enemies will only come from one direction.

The only problem with this objective are the heavy hitters. They tend to take more shots than usual, you may want to sometimes evade a few hits by running away.

There is a mob that will divide into two once he is below 50% health. Make sure to start hitting the weaker ones to be more effective with your kills and efficient on time.

This mob will divide into weaker and weaker mobs, make sure to have the weakest mob targeted.

Once you are done with the second encounter, the third encounter will be located at the Fairview Campground.

At this area you want to begin looting the camp trailers. On the tables you will find some cans and amulets that will keep you safer.

Make sure to be quick with your looting, your timer is running out slowly. Once you’ve successfully looted everything, begin the fight and stay back against the wall to stay safer.

The last and final enemy will be stronger and will take the most time to kill. Attacking this enemy will begin spawning smaller enemies that will take your time.

Make sure to flank the bigger enemy and constantly move around and hit him until he dies.