Escape Simulator: Community Room – GCPD Chronicles Guide

November 4, 2022
Foil the Riddlers plan in the GCPD Community Room for Escape Simulator!

Escape Simulator is a fun first person puzzle game where players are locked inside escape rooms and have to get out using their powers of deduction and observation. Some puzzle rooms are created by fellow players.

One such room is inspired by the Batman villain Riddler. In the GCPD Chronicles, you will have to solve the Riddler’s puzzles to escape and stop his bomb threat. Look down below for a guide to GCPD Chronicles.

Community Room – GCPD Chronicles Guide

Upon starting the game you will be prompted to check your email. There will be a message from Commissioner Gordon saying to collect three pieces of evidence from his hideout. You can then use the elevator to be brought to the Riddler’s residence.

At the entrance of the lobby will be the receptacles for the evidence and the following items:

  • Fingerprint Brush
  • Wire Cutters
  • Camera

To start, you can move the police barricade and head to the end of the hallway. In front of Room 303 is a Love Seat that will have a key underneath when you move it.

This key can be used in Room 303. Upon opening the door, you will notice that a lot of security lasers will stop you from inspecting the room. However, there is a stepladder close to the door that you can grab.

Take this stepladder back to the elevator and use it to access the vent shaft above. While crawling through the vents, you will be obstructed by some wires. Simply use the Wire Cutters on them to pass through.

Following the vent to its exit will land you in the Employees’ Room. Inside here is a green puzzle piece on the shelf you can grab and a computer that you can use to turn off the power in Room 303. This will turn off the lasers and allow you to investigate and explore the room.

Inside 303 is a black puzzle piece and two drawers labeled “Justice” and “Vengeange”. Place the green puzzle piece in the “Justice” drawer and the black piece in the “Vengeance” drawer and press the button. This will open the door to room 300

Room 300 is Riddler’s residence and is where you can find the 3 pieces of evidence you need.

These pieces of evidence are

  • A piece of hair left on the glasses.
    First off, the piece of hair is easy to acquire as you just have to inspect the glasses and take the hair.
  • The hard drive of the computer.
    For the hard drive, there will be a screwdriver inside the lid next to the oven in the room. Use that screwdriver to open the PC and claim the hard drive.
  • The fingerprints on the computer mouse.
    For the last piece of evidence, you can use your Fingerprint Brush on the mouse.

Once all of the evidence has been gathered, return to the entrance and place them in the receptacles.

That is not the end however as there is still the back door left to open.

You will need to turn off the power to Room 300 at the Employees’ Room and place the Camera in front of it. The night vision on the camera will show you the order that you have to press the buttons with and open the door.

Continue into the room and grab the iphone and use it to call the GCPD. The hotline can be found by looking at the billboard outside the window. Calling the number will play a message recording of a list of colors.

There are the colors of the wires you must cut on the panel stuck in the room’s wall.

Cutting the wires will stop Riddler’s bombs from going off but will result in Room 300 catching fire.

Head back to the elevator to exit and finish the level!