Escape Mr. Rusty’s Repair Shop Guide: Roblox

Roblox became one of the most popular games online, with over 100 million active monthly players. It offers a big range of games on its platform, that can be played by any generation. Escape Mr. Rusty’s Repair Shop is a newly added game. After you go to his repair shop, he will turn against you and will trap you inside his Auto Shop, where you have to find your way out of there.

In this guide, we will show you how to Escape Mr. Rusty’s Repair Shop.

Escape Mr. Rusty’s Repair Shop Guide: Roblox

Once you start the game, you will be locked in the repair store, and you have to open the door using the power switch to get through. The power switch is located in the same location where you spawn on the beginning of the game.

Once you turn off the power, the door with the sign “STAFF ONLY” on the other side of the room will open and you have to pass through.

When you enter the door, you will have to find the vents to escape. Be careful, the room will become dark and Mr. Rusty will start to chase you inside.

To find the vents, just follow every left turn and follow the left side of the room. At the end of the racks, keep going through the tunnel, where on the left side of the wall you will notice a red light where you have to climb inside to escape Mr. Rusty.

Continue straight through the vents and at the end you will come to a place with steps on the wall, where are free barricades that you have to jump on to continue your escaping.

Make sure not to fall down on the black ground, because it will spawn you back on the beginning and you have to pass on it all over again.

After you leave this area, through the vents you will enter the toilet.

Here, all you need to do is to open all the cubicles, then in 3rd one, you will see a hole where you have to jump inside to move to the underground.

After you fall down, you will be in the underground canal. Make your way to the other side following the gas pipes, and make sure not to fall down from them.

In the next area, there will be a big traps on the ground. Jump around them to avoid stepping on them, and get on the other side where the red light is on.

In the next area, you will have to walk on the metal pipes to get to the other side. Make sure to avoid the gas and water that comes from some parts of the pipes.

At the end of the pipes, you will come to a platform where you will see the stars that will climb you up to the next escape area.

When you get up in the next area, have to jump over the metal platforms to get to the other side where is the door that will bring you to the next barricade.

In the next room, you have to pass through the big rotary blades that come from the ground. Follow their time when they will hide and quickly pass through.

Once you pass the blades, you will get to a dark room, where you have to press the 3 buttons which are with yellow and red lights to open the vents to continue forward.

Be careful, because in this room will appear Mr. Rusty and will start chasing you.

Once you click all 3 buttons, the vents will open and you have to pass through to get to the next room with the laser barricades.

Jump over the laser barricades to pass to the next level.

In a meantime, you have to press the button to remove the lasers and stack all the boxes to escape.

The boxes have to be stuck on top of each other to be able to climb on the metal platform.

Once you climb on the platform, pass through the door that will lead you to the next barricade.

You have to jump on the metal rotary pipes and make sure not to fall down in the fire.

The next trap that you have to pass is the big metal spikes that fall from the top. Wait until they pull up and quickly pass to the next safe area.

At the end of the spikes, there will be another vent that will lead you to another repair room.

In this room, before you open the door, a gas is spilling out from a missing exhaust piece. This peace is hidden in one of the drawers. Find it before the gas fills up.

 Once you attach the missing piece to the exhaust of the car, the door will open and you can continue to the next area.

There will be an air blower from the ground that will fly you up, but you have to avoid the lasers while flying up.

On the top, the next door will get you to another barricade that you have to pass.

There will be tires coming from the upper level that you have to avoid while walking up.

Make sure to walk fast because the tires are spawning so fast.

The next door will lead you to stairs going up to the roof where you will find a broken hole in the wall.

Pass through the hole to get to the next area.

On the other side of the wall, there will be holes that you have to jump over to get on the other side.

After you jump over the poles, the next barricade will be to jump over the poles in the lava.

Make sure not to fall down in the lava.

Also, after the poles, walk through the pipes to get on the other side of the room.

Once you pass the pipes, you will face stairs that will get you up to the back of the store.

Follow the path where you will find the last barricade that you will have to pass to escape.

Jump over the holes to get to the last destination where you will finally escape from Mr. Rusty’s puzzle room store in Roblox.

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