What Items To Keep & Sell in Escape From Tarkov

I have regularly criticized EFT for a lot of things, whether it be for being in beta for years and years, or the unforgiving nature of the game to new players. Truth is though, it is one of the best first-person shooters out of the last decade, and I stand by that. The game has an overwhelming complexity and players are faced with dilemmas like: what items should I keep and/or sell in raids?

What Items To Keep & Sell – Escape From Tarkov

Truth is, the less time you take to organize your inventory and backpack, the more efficient you’ll be. For the new players, I always say, inventory management should be the first skill you learn.

With that said, it is really helpful to have a general idea, or a blueprint on which items should be kept, sold, or bartered.

Items That Should Be Sold – EFT

Many players avoid selling items to NPCs, even though, in many cases, it makes more sense not to keep certain items, but to sell them to traders.

In fact, most items can go for a lot more at traders, compared to trading with other players. Here are the items you should be looking to sell to in-game traders:

  • Bitcoin, Skulls, GPUs, LEDEX, and Rollers are all items which have a very high value at traders, and the flea market as well.
  • Upgrade items like screws, light bulbs, bolts, and others, can go for really high prices at traders, and it makes much more sense to sell them as soon as you get them.
  • Keys. The usual office and dorm keys are the most valuable at therapists, while military keys and other similar types of keys sell at the flea market at relatively high prices.
  • Weapon modifications. Things like sights, magazines, lights, suppressors, and other mods, are usually very high-priced at traders.

Items That Should Be Kept – EFT

New players should generally keep more of the stuff they get from raids. We go into which below, but the point is, hoard as much as possible to have some sort of an inventory to work with as you progress.

In terms of items that make the most sense to be kept, they’re:

  • Weapons. For weapons, I suggest saving full-automatic rifles, semi-automatic ones, full-automatic SMGs, shotguns, pistols and pistol carbines. Of course, rifles and SMGs are more valuable to be kept, while you can ignore the other ones should you have no need for them.
  • Auxiliary items like rigs, bags, headphones, helmets, and more.
  • All sorts of medical supplies.
  • Armor.

NOTE: You can keep food after a raid, but I suggest eating most of it during the raid, and then ditching most of it before extracting. It isn’t really worth to take any type of food really.

Barter Items That Should Be Kept – EFT

Now, there are a couple of levels to trades, but I believe that most that’re doing level 3 or even level 2 trades have a general sense of what items should be kept.

If you’re a new player though, here’s a small list of barter items you should look out for:

  • Damaged hard drives give you a backpack from Peacekeeper.
  • Two duct tapes for a first aid kit from the Therapist.
  • Matches can be traded with the Therapist for some pain killers.
  • Zippo lighters, more specifically, two of them, can be traded for a grenade with the Peacekeeper.
  • If you need an adar, find some researchable batteries and trade them with Skier.
  • Lastly, five T-shaped plugs can get you an SMG from Prapor.

Of course, there are a lot more trades that can be done, but this is the perfect list to use if you’re new on your EFT journey. Make sure to expand on it in the future though.

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