Escape From Tarkov: Sewer River Extraction | Streets Of Tarkov

January 3, 2023
It’s time to find Sewer River Extraction in the new map Streets of Tarkov!

Escape From Tarkov comes with a new update which is a new and long-awaited map named Street of Tarkov, one of the biggest maps ever in the game. The map is filled with plenty of areas and buildings that players are going to explore and find all the collectibles, but in order to survive with all of the loot, you will want to know how to extract through the Sewer River Extraction point.

In this guide, we will show you Sewer River Extraction from the new map Streets of Tarkov in Escape From Tarkov!

Sewer River Extraction | Streets Of Tarkov – Escape From Tarkov

The Sewer River Extraction point is on the west side of the map where the blue train collapsed on the road. At the location where the Pinewood Hotel is, you will see a track line where the train goes, and just follow it until you come to the blue train that goes down into a ditch.

Here you will find the train that goes down into the sewer, and you just have to follow the path going inside there.

Once you are inside, just keep following the path to the right side and you will find the extraction point. Must be careful at this extraction point because it’s well-exposed and can be targeted easily.

Simple as that, now you should try and find the Sewer River Extract point by following our guide!