Escape From Tarkov: Rogue Farming & Lighthouse Loot Guide

Published: 18 Mar 2022
Time to farm these rogues on the Lighthouse in Escape from Tarkov.

Rogues are hard to kill enemies that can only be found on the Lighthouse, that are defending a water treatment plant. They will open fire to anyone who gets closer to the water plant. Killing these enemies is proven to be difficult for many players.

This guide will show you how to kill and farm Rogues on the Lighthouse in Escape from Tarkov.

Rogue Farming & Lighthouse Loot Guide – Escape from Tarkov

For the first location, you want to follow the river where you have clear shots towards two stationary guns. Make sure to have a Sniper-Rifle with you equipped in order to kill the stationary guns and rogues.

First Stationary Gun:

Second Stationary Gun:

When you reach this position, not only do you have clear shots towards the stationed guns, you are also very close to the water compound itself.

Moving the other direction from where you firstly aimed, you will come across a small bridge on your left, and a small town on your right side that you can loot if you run out of energy.

Continue walking across the bridge and make your way forward. Continue forward until you reach another bridge. Before that bridge, turn right and continue following the river until you find a fallen tree that acts as a bridge where you can cross.

Once the fallen tree is crossed, be careful because the area is filled with mines. To safely pass this area, simply walk on the left side of the image, follow the rocks and follow the path to avoid the minefield.

Do not go to the top of the mountain. Simply just follow the path of the rocks until you reach this area. From here you can zoom in with your Sniper Rifle and farm Rogues.

With daylight, rogues will be easy to locate. A good thing about this location is that you have a great cover, the distance between you and the rouges is 200-300 meters. Meaning that the shots will be easy.

Some Rogues have good body armor, including helmets. This means that with some AR weapons it can be harder to kill Rogues in 1 hit. Shooting them multiple times will alert them and get your attention.

The best choice for this situation is the 366-AP. A cheap weapon that will guarantee a 1 shot 1 kill for Rogues. The suppressor is also easy to get and cheap.

An extra tip for moving around the area for getting a better angle and avoiding the mine. Stay close to the edge of the cliff and don’t go anywhere near the road. That place is filled with mines and can easily kill you.

Once everyone is killed, and you want to loot your kills, be aware of the starting area of the water plant. There is a small box of land mines that will kill you instantly.

Be aware of enemies who are running around in circles and are absolutely powerful.