Escape From Tarkov: How to Play Offline

Escape from Tarkov is a popular online multiplayer game where you need to survive and escape from the war taking place in the fictional region of Norvinsk. There can be times when you wish to play the game offline if you want to learn its gameplay mechanics or if you are facing issues with your internet connection. In this guide, we will tell you how to play Escape from Tarkov offline

Escape From Tarkov: How to Play Offline

In order to play the game offline, launch it and then click on the Escape from Tarkov option from the main menu.

Choose the faction of your choice with all the required equipment and then click on the Next button. Don’t worry about bringing your best guns and items as you won’t lose them if you die in the offline mode

Now select the map of your choice and set the time to your liking and then press the Next button. While Lab keycards are required to access the Labs in the online mode, this is not applicable for the offline mode.

In the next screen, tick the option to Enable OFFLINE mode for this Raid as it will allow you to play the game offline and tweak the settings accordingly. You will be able to change options including weather, and time, enable PvE, adjust the difficulty of AI, enable bosses, enable Scav War and activate the Tagged and Cursed gameplay.

Once you have configured all the gameplay options for the offline mode, click on the Ready button and you will be able to enjoy the game offline with AI bots if you have enabled them.

The offline provides beginners and newcomers to the game an opportunity to understand and learn the complex mechanics offered so they can improve their skillset when playing online.

Understanding different locations on the map will help you survive longer and find the best loot possible when playing with your friends.

You can also improve your shooting skills by adjusting the difficulty of the AI bots to get better at defending yourself against other players when playing online.

Another advantage is that you won’t lose your precious items when you die offline so you will be able to play it without getting worried about your expensive gear.

That’s it, now go ahead and play Escape from Tarkov offline to improve your skills and learn the complex mechanics featured in the game!

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