Escape From Tarkov: Bitcoin Farm Guide

I was surprised by EFT’s complexity back in the day, but the more I learn about the game, the more I get impressed. Players in EFT can make rigs which they can use to mine Bitcoin and generate a passive income. Bitcoins are really rare and valuable in this game, especially at their current value. Getting them from treasures that spawn is really hard, so how can you make a Bitcoin farm?

Bitcoin Farm Guide – Escape From Tarkov

Some context for those that aren’t aware of Bitcoins in EFT (those that are, can skip ahead): Basically, Bitcoins are items which can be sold to the Therapist for some big racks. They can be found at treasures, but they’re very rare.

The best bet for players is to mine them, especially if they want a passive income on the side. Just for clarity’s sake, Bitcoins can be found in treasures like:

  • Bags
  • Jackets
  • Safes
  • Caches
  • Shurman Crates

The drop is really rare for all five treasures.

There are multiple ways that players can make a passive income, but a Bitcoin farm is arguably the best one. Whether you’re logged in or not, the farm will generate income, as long as the generator in the hideout is on, and you have one or more GPUs in the farm.

How To Make A Bitcoin Farm

Unfortunately, you will have to have some beforehand upgrades to the hideout before even thinking of making a Bitcoin farm. The upgrades that you need are:

  • Vents – Level 2
  • Security – Level 3
  • Nutrition Unit – Level 3
  • Intelligence Center – Level 2
  • Medstation – Level 3
  • Generator – Level 2
  • Stash – Level 2
  • Illumination – Level 3
  • Lavatory – Level 3

Why you would need a Lavatory level 3 upgrade is beyond me, but the point is, these are all prerequisite upgrades which are obligatory.

Bitcoin Mining In A Nutshell

Basically, it works the same in EFT as it does in real-life. The more GPUs you have, the bigger the Bitcoin yield, hence the bigger the profits.

There have been some rumours that there will be durability added to GPUs in EFT, but at the moment, they can be used without having any durability issues, or getting bricked.

The bigger the farm’s level, the more GPUs it can hold. For level 2, it can hold a whopping 25 cards, while on level 3, it can have 50 cards at a time. One GPU will make a Bitcoin every 20 hours.

How Many Bitcoins Based On Number Of Graphics Cards

Like I said before, the more GPUs you have, the bigger the yield you’ll have. Plus, the lesser time it takes to produce a Bitcoin.

Here’s how the quantity of GPUs can affect Bitcoin production:

NOTE: Time given for production of one Bitcoin.

  • 5 Hours – 50 GPUs
  • Less than 6 hours – 40 GPUs
  • 6 and a half hours – 35 GPUs
  • 7 Hours 12 Minutes – 30 GPUs
  • 8 Hours 6 Minutes – 25 GPUs
  • 9 Hours 15 Minutes – 20 GPUs
  • 10 Hours 46 Minutes – 15 GPUs
  • 12 Hours 50 Minutes – 10 GPUs
  • 16 Hours – 5 GPUs

IMPORTANT: A Bitcoin farm in EFT can only hold 3 Bitcoins at a time. So, it is crucial that you login frequently enough to sell those Bitcoins.

Because of that, in some instances it might not make a lot of sense to go with a lot of GPUs, especially if you login occasionally.

Bitcoin farming is an expensive endeavor, but it does eventually pay off. Arguably the best passive income source.

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