Escape from Tarkov: Arena Release Date Most Asked Questions

Published: 10 Jun 2022
These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Arena for Escape From Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov is a popular online multiplayer game where you need to survive and escape from the war taking place in the fictional region of Norvinsk. With the newest arena slowly launching, players have begun making various questions about it.

This guide will show you all the frequently asked questions about the Arena for Escape From Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov: Arena Release Date Most Asked Questions

What is Arena?

The arena is a team deathmatch strategy game mode where you will need to plan out each move against your enemies. This is a game mode mostly made to allow players to enjoy Team Deathmatch games and eventually get into E-Sports.

Who Created Arena?

Arena has been created by a different development team to ensure that the core game will not get a change in anything. This will be a separate mode that different players can enjoy.

How Many Maps are There?

Currently, there are two maps that you can play one, one of them will be inside a Mall, and the other will be in an Airport. These are the first starting maps, new ones are not promised, but speculations say that newer maps may get added as DLCs come to place.

Is There a Ranking System?

There will be a ranking system in this game mode that will allow you to slowly progress through your account level and unlock new weapons and attachments for these weapons. Certain skills may also be unlockable, which can end up to make your special load-out.

Will there be Currency?

There will be currency in this game and it’s not yet known for what exactly this currency is going to be used. It may be used to purchase new weapons, which is a way of unlocking locked weapons or attachments.

Are you Going to Lose Gear on Death?

You are probably not going to lose gear on death, that will make the game unfair and player spawn farming will be common. Players may have their unique load out ready after each death.

Can you Skip the Base Game with Arena?

No. The Development team has made it clear and want to allow the players to fully enjoy Escape from Tarkov by playing the base game. The Arena will be a separate mode which you can enjoy and compete against other players.

What will be the Initial Release Date for Arena?

A specific date is not mentioned for Arena. It’s known that the closed testing phase will start in Autumn 2022. Meaning that arena can be available at late Autumn, or early Winter.