Epic Games is Building A Campus In Serbia

August 18, 2022
Epic Games and 3Lateral are working on a campus which will be based in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Serbian company 3Lateral announced on Facebook that they are starting to build a new campus in Novi Sad, Serbia. The campus, which is located near the University Center of Novi Sad, will server as a research & development hub which will help further development of hardware and software solutions.

3Lateral is a company that is a part of Epic Games. They’ve become a part of Epic Games at the beginning of 2019 and 3Lateral helps one of the biggest gaming companies in the world in developing Unreal Engine.

3Lateral and Epic Games creating a joint workspace


The new campus is supposed to help the Serbian based company strengthen their regional presence in the IT sector and improve the MetaHuman products on the global scene.

“The primary goal of building the campus was to cultivate aspirations and potential not only of our team, but also the local technological and creative ecosystem. The beginning of construction of the campus means that we’re a step closer towards turning our visions into reality. New, multidisciplinary work space will allow us to open our doors to new talents and to continue to develop the new generation of interactive experiences in real time with Epic Games”, says the founder of 3Lateral Vladimir Mastilović for Netokracija.

3Lateral campus

The campus will be made in a way that will support the development cycle of modern technological solutions through specialized department zones. A lot of focus was put into flexibility of work, comfort and collaboration for workers besides pure functionality.

The innovative campus will be a workspace that will allow 3Lateral and Epic Games teams to learn and innovate, but also to support regional educators and researchers for Unreal Engine and technology used for creating digital humans.