Enlisted: How To Use Mortars

February 9, 2023
Time to see how you can use mortars in Enlisted. Fire in the hole!

Enlisted is another world war simulator where you get to gather along with your troops and fight against different opponents in the battlefield. Enlisted features a ton of weapons and utilities that you can use that are great both for close-range and long-distanced fights.

In this guide, you will learn how you can use Mortars in Enlisted.

How To Use Mortars

Mortars are weapons that you unlock at level 13 and 14. This weapon can only be used by the Mortar class and it comes with 10 shells.

To be as efficient and effective as possible with the Mortar, you want to add a bunch of ammunition boxes around you so you can constantly fill up on shells as well as help your teammates out. Once the mortar has been placed on the ground, you can go up and down with your mouse to change the firing distance and simply fire with your left click again.

To see where exactly you’ve fired your Mortar, you can open up the map and see a small fire icon. That will be your indicator to see where you have fired the Mortar.

The most effective way for you to use a Mortar in Enlisted is by going after players and not vehicles or tanks. If you plan on using a mortar on a tank, just know that those attacks will be useless as they don’t do anything to the tank.

And there you have it. That is how you can use mortars in Enlisted.