Elden Ring: How To Kill Malenia Without Getting Hit

April 29, 2022
Let’s find out How To Kill Malenia Without Getting Hit in Elden Ring!

Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is an optional boss for Elden Ring players if they want to face a big challenge in defeating this boss. She is really tough, but not impossible to defeat. Not always is required to have the most powerful equipment to defeat a specific boss, but to know their weakness and moveset. That’s why if you know a bit about your next boss, it could be much easier for you to challenge them.

In this guide, we will show you How To Kill Malenia Without Getting Hit in Elden Ring!

Elden Ring: How To Kill Malenia Without Getting Hit

All you need for this strategy is a Jar cannon, combined with the right talismans and consumables, you can make her one of the easiest bosses in the game.

Normally, she will dodge most of the shots from the cannon, but if you face slightly away from her before loading it, then lock onto her and fire quickly, her AI won’t react quick enough, then you can easily hit her with it.

You don’t have to face too far to the left or right, just make sure to release the fire button as soon as you have locked onto her.

It may sound confusing, with a little patience you will get the timing and positioning right and you will be able to nail her with it every time.

Every time you blast her, she will get knocked down giving you the time to reload the weapon and go again, and with each hit, you will get pushed further, which means if you keep shooting, she will never get close enough to attack you.

Use the arrow’s reach and arrow’s sting talismans for the extra damage, then you will be able to still lock onto her no matter how far she is from you.

The Jar cannon uses a lot of stamina when fired, so try to have as many points into endurance as you can.

You can also equip the green turtle talisman to help boost your stamina recovery speed.

Once your stamina bar is empty, she shouldn’t be far enough away from you to let it fill back up. As soon as it reaches max, start shooting her again.

It will be best to upgrade the weapon to a +10 if possible, the more damage you can do to her, the better.

As she won’t be hurting you, you should equip the Ritual Sword talisman that will increase attack power by 10% while you’re at full health, which will be for the whole fight.

You should also use a blood boil aromatic consumable before you enter the boss room, as this will increase your attack power by a further 30% and will last for 60 seconds.

Use another blood boil aromatic as it will carry over into the second phase.

You can also swap out your ammo for the next set of 20 great bolts before the second phase begins.

Now, is the time to use your flask of Wondrous physic. You could use tears that help your stamina. This is the most important attribute for the second phase.

Combining the green spill and green burst crystals tears will boost your max stamina and increase its recovery speed as well. Choke the floss before you deliver the final blow in phase one

In phase 2, she is a lot more aggressive, unless you have 99 endurance, won’t be able to shoot her enough times in a row to stop her from running up to you.

To counter this, you can use the Bloodhound step Ash of War, because when she gets close to you, you can use it to create the distance that you need to carry on shooting her with the Jar cannon.

She always starts this phase with the scarlet aeolian movement. It’s one of the hardest attacks to avoid.

As soon as the cut scene is over switch to the weapon with the Bloodhound step use it quickly, move in the opposite direction over, once the scarlet attack has missed you, bring out the cannon and begin the exact same tactic that works through the first phase.

You will only be able to keep her at bay for as long as your stamina bar lasts, she’ll be right on you by the time it fills back. This is where you will need to use the Bloodhound step.

Another tip if you’re struggling to stop her from dodging the cannon, is to line her up with the end of her health bar before locking onto her and firing. This should stop her AI from recognizing she is being targeted for termination by the cannon.