Elden Ring: Fastest Weapons

Published: 29 Apr 2022
Check out the Fastest Weapons in Elder Ring!

Once you get yourself in the world of Elden Ring, you will be amazed by the endless weapons available. There could be found weapons for every style of playing, ranged, melee, and even some skills. All of them have specific attributes that make them special for their own use, speed attack, more damage, or more range, you could choose any to make your amazing build.

In this guide, we will show you the Fastest Weapons in Elder Ring!

Elden Ring: Fastest Weapons

This is all about how the weapons are related to dexterity in the game and how it matters.

The absolute fastest weapons in the game are daggers. They’re insanely fast, they can hit a whole extra time in the time that it takes your katanas to hit five times, and they can hit six, which means nothing beats them in the matter of speed attack.

Daggers are not the same as claws, which is funny enough, claws are about the same attack speed as your thrusting swords.

Aside from these fastest weapons, all other weapons can be grouped together as your next fastest weapons, but we are going to put them in order because there is a slight difference between each of them, frames differences between each of them.

After Daggers, the next fastest weapon is Thrusting swords, the smaller Thrusting swords, and claws, followed by curved swords, then katanas, and then last but not least there are twin swords or twin blades, and short swords, which are pretty much the exact same.

If you use katanas as our baseline for this group, thrusting swords and claws are about nine frames faster. Curved swords are seven frames faster, and twin blades and short swords are four frames slower.

These measurements are made by playing in 30FPS

The biggest difference between them is the thrusting swords and the claws being about nine frames faster than the katana, making them almost a half-second faster, but not quite. They have to be 15 frames faster in order to be a full half-second.

The difference in all of those speeds is negligible because you need to understand that judging stuff by frame data is not completely correct, which means there can be some variations.

What is interesting is that a lot of people were thinking that the whips are faster, but they are rather slow. The whip manages to attack three times, in the time that it takes the katana to attack five.

If you are a dexterity player who is after fast weapons, then whips should not be on your list, because they are significantly slower than katanas.

The large curved swords, that many players count as a good dexterity weapon and it hits really hard, it is also much slower than katanas. Just like the whips, curved swords are only able to deal 3 hits in a time that it takes katanas to do five.

The dexterity attribute itself is not really that great unless you’re playing a caster, because in that case, it’s going to increase your casting speed. Dexterity does not increase your attack speed. The only thing that affects your attack speed, is the weapon that you’re using.

The other thing that dexterity does the attribute itself is harder to knock you off your horse and you take less fall damage when you fall.

Unless you are playing a caster, and you want that increased cast speed, you shouldn’t really care about dexterity, and should only have enough to equip the weapon that you want to use.