Elden Ring: Envoy’s Greathorn Weapon Location

Published: 29 Apr 2022
Time to find out where the Envoy’s Greathorn weapon is located.

The Envoy’s Greathorn weapon is a hidden and a new weapon in Elden Ring, this weapon will send loud soundwaves towards enemies and deal great damage. This newly-released weapon has been added with the newest patch of Elden Ring. To obtain this weapon you must go through some obstacles and enemies.

This guide will show you how to obtain the Envoy’s Greathorn weapon in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Envoy’s Greathorn Weapon Location

This weapon will be located at Miquella’s Haligtree area. This location can be found north on the map.

Once you reach this area, you will need to climb up the branch and turn left.

Be careful to not fall down and die, you will also need to be careful of the enemies that may try to attack you during your journey.

Continue making your way down until you see a giant tree branch under you. That is where you must fall down.

Once you’ve fallen down on the giant branch, you must turn south and begin climbing the branch until you reach the end. At the end, you will see a snowman-looking mob who is holding the Greathorn.

NOTE that the enemy you are about to attack can fall down, make sure you don’t move around too much and be as quick as possible to kill him.

When you kill him, you will not have a 100% chance to obtain the weapon, but after a few tries, you will get it. It’s not that rare, it may take up to 15-20 minutes to obtain it.

And that’s how you get the Greathorn weapon in Elden Ring!