Elden Ring Coil Shield Location

As all of you probably may know, Elden Ring is popular for keeping its interesting items hidden and not giving the location of them. The Coil Shield is an amazing shield which is rather strange and separates from your day to day normal shield.

This is a snake which is wrapped around a regular shield, defending you from incoming attacks, but also it can attack enemy foes on your command.

In this guide I will show you where to find the location that the shield is.

Coil Shield Location – Elden Ring

So starting off you are needed to travel all the way over to Gatefront. Coming from Forlorn Hound Evegaol, head north east, and from there you can enter from the front entrance from the castle. And make your way towards the entrance of the castle where there will be two enemy soldiers protecting their treasure.

To make sure you are on the right path, there will also be some white shining linings on the ground, giving you some messages, which must mean that there is something interesting nearby!

After encountering the fight with the two enemy soldiers, open up the treasure chest and loot your amazing Coil Shield!

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