Elden Ring: Ash of War: Thunderbolt Location

The Ash of War: Thunderbolt is an enchantment for a sword weapon. The one who wields it has the power to strike thunderbolts while slashing trough the enemies. Many people have tried obtaining it, yet not many have been successful in the process. Once you have it, it will never stop aiding you in battle!

This guide will show you the location of the Ash of War: Thunderbolt.

Ash of War: Thunderbolt Location – Elden Ring

The Ash of War: Thunderbolt is located near Stormveil Cliffside. It is a weapon enchant which was once held by a warrior who is now dead, and his body rots on the edge of a cliff which is protected by massive hawks.

Once you reach the place which is heavily guarded. You must clear your path from all animals in order to reach and obtain your treasure.

Once all the birds are killed, head over to the edge of the mountain where you will see a small shiny object which is held by a rotting corpse. That is the Ash of War. Obtain it and you will be stronger!

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