EA App: How To Uninstall Games [SOLUTION]

October 11, 2022
Declutter your PC by getting rid of some games!

A person who plays a lot of video games on PC will usually have a lot of game stores or launchers on their computer. There’s Steam, the Epic Games Store, the EA app. And each of these launchers can have their own games, which may clutter your PC and take up some space. Sometimes in order to download a new game, you’ll have to clear up some space by deleting some old games.

Here’s how to uninstall games in the EA App.

How To Uninstall Games – EA App

The EA App may sometimes feel very confusing and not that navigable. If you head to the page of the game you wish to uninstall, there is no option for it there.

Instead, you will have to go to your “My Collection” page.

There you will find all of the games that you currently own and have installed on your PC. Hover your cursor over the game you wish to uninstall and click on the three dots on the upper right of its picture. This will drop down a menu list wherein “Uninstall” is one of the options.

Click on that and wait for the process to finish. And there you go, the game has been uninstalled from your PC!