Dying Light 2: Stay Human EMPRESS Language + Save location [ Windows 11]

August 16, 2022
Click here to find out the save game file location for Dying Light 2 Empress!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival horror where players can use their parkour skills and agility to fight against zombies. Popular Denuvo cracker Empress recently managed to crack the game and make it accessible to players across the world. However, many people have noticed that the save game file of the game is stored at a different location from the Steam version.

This guide will tell you how to change the language as well as about the save game file location of the game.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human EMPRESS Language + Save location [ Windows 11]

How to change language in Dying Light 2 Empress

First, open the directory where you have installed the game and then navigate to the “Dying Light 2\engine\source\bin\x64” folder or “Dying Light 2\engine\source\x64\nepice_settings” folder to find steam_api64.ini or NemirtingasEpicEmu.json file.

Double click to open the file and then change the language to exp,fr,ru,pl,br,pr,it,sp depending on your choice. Double click on File and then Save to save the changes that you have made.

Make sure that language that you are selecting has the language files installed in the game.

If you are looking to download the language pack then you will need to replace the following files:






Dying Light 2 Empress Save Location

The save game files for the Empress version can be found in the following directory:


Make sure to take a backup of this folder if you are looking to replace the save game files.

That’s it, now go ahead and enjoy slaying zombies in Dying Light 2!