Dying Light 2: How To Get The Heavy Tribal Axe

Dying Light 2 has just came out with the newest DLC that is called the Bloody Ties. Here you get to encounter a whole new variety of monsters and experience difficult challenges that have a lot of hidden easter eggs inside. Some of these challenges hold strong weapons such as the Heavy Tribal Axe that can only be used in the said challenge. We have found a way to glitch that weapon out and use it in the open world.

This guide will show you how you can get the Heavy Tribal Axe for Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC.

How To Get The Heavy Tribal Axe

To begin your journey in obtaining the Heavy Tribal Axe, you need to head over to the One Day In Harran challenge and start it.

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Inside this challenge, you can find 3 different weapons. They are:

  • Heavy Tribal Axe
  • Baseball Bat
  • Military Machete

These are the only three weapons that you can use the following method to obtain them and keep them in the open world.

You cannot glitch other weapons that you like with this method.

The Heavy Tribal Axe can be found on top of the highest buildings inside the challenge. The spawns for these weapons are random, the biggest chance for you to obtain this weapon is on the first highest building that is located on your left side from when you start the challenge.

Once you’ve located the weapon, you need to look at it until the Pick Up option is available. Once that is available, you need to cancel the challenge and pick up the weapon whenever the screen slowly starts to turn black.

It may fail a few times but once you get the perfect timing, you will exit the challenge, open your inventory and you will see that inside your weapons slots, you will find the Heavy Tribal Axe.

You will notice that the weapon has a big durability number and the damage is not so high, don’t let that damage number fool you as the weapon tends to kill demolishers in two slashes.

And just like that, you now can get your hands on the Heavy Tribal Axe that originally is a weapon in Dying Light 1. We hope this guide helped you get one of the strongest weapons. Good luck now fighter, and continue slashint!