Dwarf Fortress: How To Remove Stairs

Dwarf Fortress is a complex constructive and roguelike simulator in which your main job is to build a fortress for your dwarves and keep them happy and in a good mood by building everything they need to fulfill their needs. Building stairs is a must in the game which will allow your people to be able to pass from one to another area, and sometimes you might construct the wrong stairs, but don’t know how to remove them,

Don’t worry, because this guide will show you How to Remove Stairs in Dwarf Fortress!

How To Remove Stairs – Dwarf Fortress

Constructing stairs in Dwarf Fortress is something that you can’t skip because the stairs will help your dwarves move upward and downward from one to another platform.

However, sometimes you might build stairs in the wrong place and now want to remove them. Unfortunately, you can remove only upward stars, and if you try to remove downward stairs, there will be a hole left on the floor which has to be covered with a floor over it.

In case you deconstructed the upward stair, you will be left only with the downward stair, and all your symmetry will be imbalanced. However, if the space where the stairs were is open, you can construct another upward stair. Just click on the space where you want the stairs to be placed, but anyway it must be somewhere next to the downward stairs.

In order to remove downward stairs too, you can do that to stairs which are underneath the downward stairs, because anyway if you don’t need a downward stair, you won’t need the bi-directional stair because it will go down to either.

This will also make a hole on the ground, and you just have to cover it up with flooring.