Dream Nursery Quest | Aranyaka Quest Part 2 | Sumeru World Quest: Genshin Impact

August 28, 2022
Check out this guide to complete the Dream Nursery quest in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game where players must complete various quests and missions to progress. The latest 3.0 update adds plenty of new missions and side quests such as the Sumeru World quest in the game.

This guide will tell you how to complete the Dream Nursery quest in Genshin Impact

Dream Nursey Quest | Aranyaka Quest Part 2 | Sumeru World Quest: Genshin Impact

The Dream Nursery world questline is a part of Aryanaka Part 2.

In order to start this quest, head over to the Vimara Village waypoint and then proceed south from there.

Once you reach there, talk to Amadhiah to get the Vintage Lyre gadget.

Now summon your waverider and follow the markers in the river to reach the next location.

Follow the green indicators until your reach a pond with arched-shaped tree trunks in the centre.

Now exit your boat and follow the green indicators on the ground.

Stand right next to the yellow marker on the ground and equip your Vintage Lyre gadget to use it.

Now play the notes Fa Mi So Fa Dod on your instrument.

Walk through the arched-shaped tree trunk to start a time challenge.

Follow the green indicators and collect all the particles to complete the challenge.

Activate the blue flowers with electro to reveal more particles in the surroundings.

Once you have collected 15 particles, head back to the Arch to get the Precious chest.

Head northeast towards the yellow markers to find the stones with runes on them.

Use the Vintage Lyre gadget to play the notes Fa Mi So Fa Do again.

After the cutscene is complete, head southwest toward the forest where the arch is located and then defeat all the Fungi there.

Destroy the breakable rocks next to the pond and then head towards the west to defeat the Fungi.

Now head on the hills next to the house in the southeast direction near the yellow markings.

Jump down and defeat the enemies in the area.

Now head back towards the north to find the Rune Stone.

Use your Vintage Lyre gadget again and play the notes Fa Mi So Fa Do.

Now teleport to the statues of the seven next to the Vanarana and then head north towards Araja.

After talking to Araja, you will get the quest “Stories of You and Aranara” and the Dream Nursery quest will be completed.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to complete the Dream Nursery quest.