Does V Rising Have Wipes? Find Out!

May 29, 2022
Check out this guide to find out if V Rising has wipes.

V Rising has grown quick in popularity. With popularity comes a ton of filled servers that get crowded too quick and the game progress of each server has gotten much higher. This creates a small problem for newer players as they have no competition or their competition is too strong. A percentage of the community has been speaking about server wipes and if they will become a thing.

In This article, we will tell you all you need to know about wipes in V Rising.

Does V Rising Have Wipes? Find Out!

On the official V Rising blog, there are a ton of questions regarding the game and its servers. One interesting question has been asked about server wipes.

Many online games have server wipes. Server wipes are important just so new players have a chance of having a better start and hopefully progressing enough in the game. Private servers have wipes, as they are not observed by the official V Rising staff.

An interesting blog post has been given by one of the developers “Johan”, stating that the developers are not currently thinking of adding any wipes to official V Rising servers. They need to wait and see how players will join servers and play the game.

Although they are not adding wipes right now, they may add some server modes similar to wipes to ensure the best gaming performance possible for the community.