Does Deadlink Support Multiplayer?

August 2, 2023
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Deadlink is an FPS title with cyberpunk aesthetics and rogue-like elements where you need to fight against large mega-corporations. As you go all guns blazing and annihilating enemies, it’s only natural to wonder whether you can enjoy the game with your friends in co-op or multiplayer mode.

This guide will tell you whether Deadlink supports multiplayer or not.

Does Deadlink Support Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, the answer is no as the game does not currently support multiplayer or co-op mode. According to a response by the developer on the Steam community forms, “Hello there! Sorry for the late answer – to be honest with you, Deadlink is being developed as a single-player experience and that’s what developers focus on at the moment, so nothing can be guaranteed. Thanks for the suggestion, though!”

This means that you can currently only play the game in the single-player mode and since the developers are busy focusing on that aspect, there’s no guarantee that a co-op mode may arrive in the future.

The developers believe that it is a lore perspective, having another player won’t make much sense. It has been clearly stated that they do not plan to release a multiplayer mode at this moment. However, if enough players request then the feature might arrive in a future update of the game.

Many players have been requesting the devs to add a co-op mode so they can enjoy it with friends. Some of them expressed regret and said they would have purchased it if a multiplayer mode was available.

Deadlink is a fast-paced shooter with destructible environments, challenging enemies and a wide range of arsenal for players to choose from. Being an elite operative, you will need against enemies in a dystopian world by utilizing various aspects of the environment to your advantage.

It has received positive reviews from players on Steam and is being praised for cyberpunk aesthetics and gameplay elements that make it similar to Doom Eternal’s Horde Mod.