DNF DUEL: Buttons (Basic Actions)

June 28, 2022
Check out this button layout and learn more about the basic controls in DNF Duel!

DNF Duel is a great arena character fighting game that is popular for its crazy button layout and fighting combinations. To learn some great moves for a character, you need to know the basic controls of the game and make great combinations once you’ve mastered them.

This guide will show you the basic actions controls in DNF Duel!

DNF DUEL: Buttons (Basic Actions)

Here is a list of all the controls that you can use for the basic actions in DNF Duel:

  • Backstep: Rapidly Press (Left Arrow, Left Arrow)
  • Grab Moves: Standard A + Standard B/ Left Arrow + Standard A + Standard B
  • Tech Grab: Standard A + Standard B at the same time of the grab
  • Conversion: Standard B + Skills
  • Dodge: Press Right Arrow while guarding
  • Guard Cancel: Right Arrow + Standard B + Skills while guarding
  • Grounded Tech Roll: This is activated automatically when landing after being hit when airborne.
  • Airborne Tech Roll: This is activated automatically after stagger ends from being hit while airborne.

And just like that, now you are aware of all the basic actions and buttons for DNF Duel. Now go in that arena and show them who is the champion!