Disney Mirrorverse: How To Get Orbs Guide

Published: 11 Jul 2022
Collect Orbs and get the Crystals to unlock your favorite character in Disney Mirrorverse!

Disney Mirrorverse is a newly released game for Android and iOS where you can play with some of the Disney and Pixar characters. The main goal is to collect different materials and items, and of them is the Orbs which are the in-game currency that will help you unlock plenty of characters and special items in the game.

This guide will show you How To Get Orbs in Disney Mirrorverse!

Disney Mirrorverse: How To Get Orbs Guide

The first and basic tip for getting Orbs is to play the game every day and specifically do your six daily objectives.

  • Claim three bazaar items
  • Level up a guardian
  • Claim an alliance milestone
  • Complete five supply runs
  • Complete five story or event encounters
  • Most importantly use three crystals

The last one from the list will give you five orbs for completing it which is important to do every day. If you complete the others from the list, you can get up to 10 orbs.

Since each of these objectives are tied to other ways you should progress, you can go through each one individually.

  • Claim three bazaar items – Since you get free stuff in every shop refresh, it’s really beneficial to you. You can also buy something from the Laurel store every day, either crystal pieces or the 25 orbs that are available to you. It is open only once per week and it is recommended to get one every time you can.
  • Leveling up guardians – This is important but definitely not necessary to do every day. It’s more recommended to find your team and level them up as much as you can.
  • Claiming an alliance milestone – This objective should be easy if you already have an active alliance, if possible get in with a good one. It might be hard but getting good people to work with will obviously help out a lot.
  • Completing five supply runs – This is easy and pretty beneficial. It’s required to have XP modes to level up your guardians, and stocking up daily is great. Alternatively, you can go for diamonds or gold.
  • Complete five story or event encounters – You can do exactly five and then spend your energy on the supply runs, but there is a lot of rewards from events and story. Events have rewards that refresh when they come back and there is usually a few events going on every week.
  • Use three Crystals – This will earn you 5 Orb, but three potential guardians. While you may not have a lot of crystals, you might want to try doing the two-hour or four-hour time keeper crystal three times a day. You will get smaller rewards but that will help you do it every single day.