Disney Mirrorverse: How To Get 5 Star Guardians Guide

July 11, 2022
There is nothing better than having a 5 Star Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse!

All of the players want to have 5-star characters in Disney Mirrorverse, but not all of them know how to get them easily. The 5-star Guardians are currently the strongest guardians in the game, but it doesn’t mean that they are the best. Fortunately, they have higher basic attributes that give them an edge over 3-star and 4-star guardians.

In this guide, we will show you How To Get 5 Star Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse!

Disney Mirrorverse: How To Get 5 Star Guardians Guide

If you want to get a 5-star guardian it is actually pretty simple, you have to be very lucky or just keep reading our article to find out the best ways of getting it.

One of the methods of getting a 5-star guardian is by duplicating the characters. If you have another 4-star guardian you can upgrade the first one and make it a 5-star guardian which is one of the coolest features in the game.

You can go from a 3-star to a 4-star and to a 5-star entirely from one duplicate if you get another 4-star from having a 3-star, which takes all the way up to getting a 5-star which is really good to have.

Also, you can get stardust every time you do one of your guardians, and you can use it if you go into the stardust shop and buy four 4-star or 3-star characters, and this is much more beneficial if you do it every day.

The other method is if you go over the events. Every week there are new events that after completing will reward you with plenty of arctic fragments. You have to save these up and purchase featured crystals from Anna’s treasure and also, they have some good drop rates to get yourselves 4 and 5-star guardians.

If you go over the objective and you go to special, you can get some fragments by doing different objectives.

There is also a Brilliant Crystal Shard, which guarantees a 4-star guardian. If you have a 4-star guardian already and you get another 4-star duplicate from this shard, you can upgrade it to a 5-star guardian.

The other way to get a 5-star is by getting orbs. This method is not recommended, because it is better to save your orbs and use them on doing content such as saving it for energy, and there are also some bundles you can get that are worth picking up.