Disney Dreamlight Valley: Village Project The Garden Quest Guide

September 9, 2022
Time to collect some items and start your own garden!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a third-person life simulator game where players can play as their favourite Disney character and engage in fun quests and activities with their friends. During the Village Project: The Garden, you will need to find a bunch of items for your garden

This guide will tell you how to complete the Village Project: The Garden quest.

Village Project The Garden Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will need to collect the following items to start your own garden:

  • Sugarcane Seed
  • Wheat Seed
  • Craft Trellis
  • Craft Burlap Bags

Wheat seeds can be found at the blue stall shown above near Peaceful Meadow.

Sugar seeds can be found at the stall near the beach but you might need to upgrade it before you can purchase them.

Now you need to craft some Trellis and Burlap Bags for your garden.

Just visit your nearest crafting station where you will be able to create some Burlap Bags using 10 Soil and 20 Fiber whereas the Trellis requires 15 Softwood, 3 Soil and 2 White & Pink Falling Penstemon.

You can find the 2 White & Pink Falling Penstemons in the Plaza near your house and they spawn randomly in the area.

In order to get some Fiber, you will need to get the Seaweeds which can be found inside a pond using a fishing rod.

Equip your fishing rod and fish in the area with no bubbles to get the seaweed.

You will need atleast 12 Seaweeds to get those Fibers.

Visit a crafting station and convert those 12 Seaweeds to get 65 Fibers in return.

Now use those Fibers and Soil to create 3 Burlap Bags.

You will also need to create one Trellis.

Return back to WALL-E and give him all the required items to complete the quest.