Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ultimate Crafting Guide

September 8, 2022
It’s time to learn everything about Crafting in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of magic and you are about to discover rich stories and build the perfect neighborhood alongside Disney and Pixar heroes and villains in the new life-sim adventure game. Like many other games where players are required to search for plenty of items and ingredients, the crafting system is something that you must know in order to progress forward in the game and complete most of the main quests.

Check out this Ultimate Crafting guide and learn everything about crafting in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ultimate Crafting Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, most of the time you will look for some materials and ingredients that are needed to craft other items for building Furniture or completing some specific quest.

How to Craft Items

First of all, before starting with crafting, you must unlock your Crafting Table. The crafting table can be unlocked after you complete a quest named “Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Reopening” which can be taken from Scrooge McDuck.

During this quest, you will be asked to craft some items for McDuck using the crafting station, and at the end of the quest, you will be able to unlock the Crafting Table for your own.

Once you unlock the Crafting Table, you can place it where ever you want in your area, and then could start crafting items from some of the following categories:

  • Furniture
  • Potion & Enchantment
  • Functional Items
  • Refined Materials
  • Fence & Paving

Crafting Recipes

At the beginning, your crafting table will be empty, because you won’t have any crafting recipes. You can unlock more Crafting Recipes only by two methods.

First, you have to pick up more crafting materials and then automatically some of the crafting recipes will unlock, and second, you must follow and complete the quests in the game that will get you more recipes upon you unlock something new in the game.

Crafting Materials

There are a lot of crafting materials that can be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In the list below you can find them all.


  • You need to break rocks in Forgotten Lands to find this material.

2.Dark Wood

  •  Can be found on the ground near the trees in Forgotten Lands area.

3.Dream Shard

  •  These materials can be found randomly by destroying Night Thorns

4.Dry Wood

  • Can be found on the ground near trees in Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, and Sunlit Plateau.

5.Empty Vial

  • It needs to be crafted from 3 Glass.


  • It needs to be crafted from 5 Cotton


  • Can be crafted from 1 Seaweed
  • Available at Kristoff’s Stall


  • It needs to be crafted from 5 Sand and 1 Coal
  • Available at Kristoff’s Stall

9.Gold Ingot

  • It needs to be crafted from Gold Nugget and 1 Coal

10.Gold Nugget

  • You need to break rocks in Sunlit Plateau, Forgotten Lands, and Frosted Height to get this material.


  • It can be found on the ground around the trees in Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, Glade of Trust, and Forest of Valor.

12.Iron Ingot

  • It needs to be crafted from 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal

13.Iron Ore

  • You need to break rocks in Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands to get this material.

14.Night Shard

  • You need to dig up glowing holes anywhere on the map.


  • You need to dig up the ground in Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Land to get this material.


  • It needs to be crafted from 8 Fiber.


  • You need to dig up the ground in Dazzle Beach
  • Available at Kristoff’s Stall.


  • You need to dig the ground in Frosted Heights
  • Break Ice Chunks in Frosted Heights
  • Available at Kristoff’s Stall


  • You need to break rocks in any area of the map.
  • Available at Kristoff’s Stall

Once you have some recipe, you can follow it in the specific category in your crafting table, and then by using the required materials you can easily craft your item by pressing a single button.