Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Spirits Of Nature Quest Guide

September 9, 2022
Time to follow Anna and find her sister Elsa!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a third-person life simulator game where players can play as their favourite Disney character and engage in fun quests and activities with their friends.During the Spirits of Nature quest, you will need to search the woods to find the fire spirit Bruni.

This guide will tell you how to complete the Spirits of Nature quest in the game.

The Spirits Of Nature Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First, you need to equip the watering can to douse out those fires and don’t need to put out all of them as you just need to get through them.

Follow the fire spirit Bruni to catch him.

Now return back to Anna near the entrance of the frozen realm and she will ask you to gather the ingredients required for the Stone Soup. You will need the following:

  • 3 Craggy Rocks
  • 1 Basil
  • 1 Oregano

The Craggy Rocks can be found shining on the ground and you will need to collect 3 of them.

Basil and Oregano on the other hand can be found near the Plaza.

Fast travel back to Anna and cook the stone soup using the ingredients that you gathered.

You will need 1 Basil, 1 Oregano and 3 Craggy Rocks to cook the soup.

Place the soup on the rocks and then talk to Anna.

Use your Shovel and Pickaxe to clear the path and explore deeper into the Enchanted Forest to find Elsa.

You will soon reach the flooded bridge and you will then need to follow Anna to find an alternative route.

Equip your fishing rod and fish inside the pond of the Frozen Realm.

You will soon find Anna’s Engagement Ring and you will need to hand it over to her.

The bridge will be now repaired therefore completing the quest.