Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Price Of Fame Quest Guide

September 14, 2022
Time to help Remy serve some dishes in the restaurant!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a third-person life simulator game where players can play as their favourite Disney character and engage in fun quests and activities with their friends. During the Price of Fame quest, you will need to complete a few tasks for Remy and help him run his restaurant.

This guide will tell you how to complete the Price of Fame quest in the game.

The Price Of Fame Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First, you need to wear the cooking outfit given by Remy.

To do this, open your inventory and access the Wardrobe section where you will find the White Chef Hat and White Chef Top in the requests section.

Talk to Remy and show him your cooking outfit. Now go to the restaurant and help Remy serve some orders.

Customers will soon start arriving and ask you to cook and serve dishes like Cheesecake.

Go to your cooking pot and follow the recipes for the requested dish by selecting it from the menu.

Now add the required ingredients to the cooking pot to make the dish and press the Start Cooking button.

For example, you need Cheese, Wheat, Sugarcane and any fruit for the Cheesecake.

Take this dish and serve it to your customers by selecting the I have your order option.

Now return back to Remy and talk to him to complete the quest.

That’s it, you have successfully completed the Price of Fame quest in the game!