Disney Dreamlight Valley: Placing Items Guide

September 11, 2022
Here you can learn the basics about placing items in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

In the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley you can do plenty of things, exploring the map, and collecting different items and materials in order to complete a specific quest. Most of the time you will need to place some of the items in order to decorate your place, or just finish the objective that is given in a quest. With the building feature in the game, you will be required to place a lot of things in your house, your farm and all around the world.

Keep reading our article and find out How To Place Items in Disney dreamlight Valley!

Placing Items Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While trying to build and decorate your house, clean your garden, or just work on your farms, you will always need to place the specific items needed on the place where you want.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can place items all around as you want such as Furniture, different signs and objects, trees, and everything else that you can see in the world of the game.

To place items is pretty simple and requires only few buttons. All you need to do is to open the inventory by pressing “I”, and then you can go to the Furniture menu on the left side of the screen. In this menu you will find most of the items that can be placed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you are in the Furniture menu, you can select any item that you want and place it down at your desired location.

You must know that only those items that you have unlocked will be able to be placed, or else you will have to keep on playing and complete the quests and objectives from each character if you want to unlock and discover many more items that can be used from your Furniture inventory.

After selecting the item you want, click on it and it will be in your hand, you will have control over it and move around the map to find the place where you want to put it.

Move the cursor on the map and once you find the right location, just press left-click and your item will be placed down.

That it! Now when you know how to place items, you can go into your game and place down all the items that you want to make your house looks even better.