Disney Dreamlight Valley: McDuck’s Guide

September 8, 2022
Check out this guide about Scrooge McDuck’s Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you will meet plenty of characters that you will need to unlock them, or even some of the can be found inside the village and have to be rescued. At the beginning of the game, the first character that you will meet is Scrooge McDuck who is already there in the Valley. After the first talk with him, he will already give you some tasks to finish for him in order to help him with rebuilding his shop.

Once you reach the “My Kingdom for Scroll” quest, you will be required to find some parts for McDuck which are his Key and Locked Chest. If you have a hard time finding these two items, then keep reading this article to complete the quest.

This article will help you find McDuck’s Key and Locked Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

McDuck’s Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you meet Mother Gothel in the game, you will unlock the “My Kingdom For a Scroll” quest in which you are required to finish plenty of task.

There are two objectives that are part of the quest, which are about McDuck.

You will have to find two items that belong to McDuck and finish the quest. The items that you need to find are Scrooge McDuck’s Key in the Globe, and Locked Chest at the Beach.

McDuck’s Key

To find the key, you have to go to the marked location on the image below. It is near the small lake in Glade of Trust area.

Once you get there, you will find 3 different bubbles that are coming out of the water. Two are gold, and one is blue.

All you need to do is to use your fishing rod and throw the hook at the golden bubble on the left side.

Once the fishing circle becomes green, press right-click on your mouse to pull and repeat this process for three times.

After the third successful time, you will get the McDuck’s Key out of the water.

After this, you will complete the objective and have to continue to the beach where you have to find the second belonging of McDuck.

McDuck’s Locked Chest

In order to find the locked chest, you have to go to Dazzle Beach where McDuck buried the Sun’s Scroll in a locked chest near the Mystical Cave.

The location of the Mystical Cave is marked on the image below.

Once you are there, go in front of the entrance of the cave where you will find a blue bed in front of it.

All you need to do is to equip your shovel and try to dig in front of the bed. Suddenly you will dig the locked chest and it will pop up out of the ground.

Collect the chest, and with that you will complete all the objectives from the quest.

From here, you have to go back and bring the chest and key to Mother Gothel. Talk to her and give her the items that you find.

After that, you will be rewarded and the “My Kingdom For a Scroll” quest will be completed.