Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Remove The Large Mushrooms

September 11, 2022
Here you can learn How To Remove The Large Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of magic and you are about to discover rich stories and build the perfect neighborhood alongside Disney and Pixar heroes and villains in the new life-sim adventure game. By cleaning the area around the Valley, you will come across plenty of obstacles that have to be removed, but there are also the Large Mushrooms that are blocking some of your pathways and can’t be removed that easily while you are still in the early game.

In this guide, we will show you How To Remove The Large Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Remove The Large Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the Peaceful Meadows, most probably you have seen the large red mushrooms that are blocking some of your pathways.

Well, in order to be able to remove these mushrooms, you have to participate in a quest from Merlin.

To remove the large mushrooms, all you need is to upgrade your watering can through the quest. You will need to upgrade your Watering Can by completing “A New Enchantment” quest from Merlin.

After completing this quest, Merlin will use some magic on your Watering Can and it will be able to destroy the Large Mushrooms which is blocking your path.

All you need to do is just get closer to the mushrooms and water them with your watering can.

Take note that this magic on your watering can will be active until you destroy all the mushrooms in front of the entrance to Glade of Trust, and after that the magic will disappear.

If you want to make this magic spell on your watering can permanent, then you have to continue with Merlin’s quest line until you unlock the “Dark Experiment” quest. To unlock this quest, you will need to reach friendship level 8 with Merlin.

There are a few specific items that you are required to obtain for the quest:

  • 20 Mushrooms
  • 5 Emerald
  • 3 Purified Night Shard

Once you collect all the ingredients, go back and give them to Merlin, and then he will use the spell on your watering can and will make it permanent. But, actually, with this upgrade, you will be able to clear only a single patch of big mushrooms.

As you follow the quest line of Merlin, you will come to another multiple patch of big mushrooms that are located in the Glade of Trust. These mushrooms will require another upgrade on your watering can that can be obtained by completing another Merlin’s quest.

For this quest, you are required to reach level 10 friendship with Merlin and then he will give you another quest “The Final Trail”, in which you have to obtain different items in order to craft the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment.

After you manage to craft this item, you need to give it to Merlin and this time he will fully upgrade your water can.

Now, with this watering can, you are allowed to destroy all the mushrooms even those with multiple patches that you will find in all the areas of the game.