Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make A Fruit Salad

September 12, 2022
Learn how to make Fruit Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley by following this guide!

After finishing the quest ‘Foodception,’ both the gardening and cooking gameplay feature would be unlocked in Disney Dreamlight Valley. On top of that, completing the quest should also reward you with a Stove that you may then use to cook all sorts of tasty meals. Food that you cook can then be sold or gifted to your neighbors if you aren’t interested in indulging on it yourself. In this guide, we will show you how to make a fruit salad.

Here is how to make Fruit Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

How To Make A Fruit Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Making a Fruit Salad

The Fruit Salad is arguably one of the easiest and simplest meals you can cook in the whole game. That said, in the early game, such are very valuable. In fact it is one of the main objectives to complete the ‘Foodception’ quest mentioned above alongside Crackers.

The Fruit Salad is a reliable option for quick energy. As for its recipe, you already have it ready for you from completing Mickey’s Memories quest.

After placing the stove you gained from completing the quest, simply place it in your home. Then, go interact with it to finally cook the meal you want.

Once in the Stove’s menu, you should see in the top left corner of your screen the recipes available for you currently. By completing the quests mentioned above, you should have both the recipes for Crackers and Fruit Salad.

Before that, however, you must first have the ingredients needed in the recipe you wish to cook. For instance, the Fruit Salad requires any type of fruit.

Say that you already have the ingredients prepared. Pick Fruit Salad in the recipes section and then press the Autofill button found on the right corner of your screen. You can put the ingredients needed manually in the pot if that’s what you want as well.

Best remember that you also need coal ore to cook. Thankfully, this resource is quite easy to have as well. In this section of the game, you now probably have plenty of coal ore in your inventory.

After that, simply press the Start Cooking button on the bottom middle of the screen.

Voila! You have yourself a tasty meal to enjoy!