Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get More Storage

September 8, 2022
Here you can learn How To Get More Storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

While playing Disney Dreamlight Valley you will always be searching for some items and materials which are essential items for crafting or just completing some quest. You won’t be able to carry all of the items in your inventory, and that’s why you need big storage where you put all your valuable items. Expanding your storage might be a bit costly in the game currency, but be sure that is worth every single coin.

Keep reading our guide and find out How to Get More Storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Get More Storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First of all, to be able to get more storage, you must do one internal upgrade on your house which is a part of a Quest from Scrooge McDuck NPC.

After the upgrade of your house, the next time when you get inside your house, McDuck will have placed a builder sign outside your house.

This sign will allow you to make upgrades on your house’s exterior and expand the storage capacity of all the chests you have built.

You can build plenty of chests in the game, but they all will have only one row of storage capacity. In order to upgrade your storage capacity, you have to pay the following costs:

  • First External Storage Upgrade: 2000 Star Coins (Additional storage row unlocked)
  • Second External Storage Upgrade: 20.000 Star Coins (Third and Fourth storage row unlocked)
  • Third External Storage Upgrade: 75.000 Star Coins (storage upgrade level unknown but for sure much more than the previous two upgrades)