Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Iron Ingots

September 19, 2022
You collected some Iron Ore? Then now it’s time to learn how to forge Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

You will always be busy looking and collecting different items in Disney Dreamlight Valley which are required for crafting most of the items such as materials, furniture, structures, and even needed to complete the quests. Iron Ingots are one of the common and most used materials for crafting and completing quests, and you must know how to obtain more Iron Ingots in your inventory.

Keep reading our guide and find out How To Get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Iron Ingots are the most needed items when it comes to creating more quality furniture and structure for your house, and also as a required item to finish most of the quests in the game.

Iron Ingots can’t be found or gathered in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but instead, you have to gather plenty of Iron Ore and then turn it into Iron Ingots.

Once you unlock Forest of Valor, you will be able to gather a lot of Iron Ore. Equip your pickaxe and go break the small dark rocks around the map. By digging them, you have a high chance of obtaining Iron Ore.

It can be also found in the other areas instead of the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.

After obtaining plenty of Iron Ores, the next step is to go to your Crafting Workstation and start crafting the Iron Ingots.

In order to craft one Iron Ingot, you need the following materials:

  • 5 Iron Ore
  • 1 Coral Ore

Coal ores can be found along with Iron ores because you will mine the Black-colored Rocks in the areas to gather the Iron Ores and these rocks also drop Coal Ores.