Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Garlic

September 12, 2022
Follow this guide and collecting Garlic in Disney Dreamlight Valley would be a breeze!

Ingredients and resources in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in each of its colorful and lively biomes, bought from Goofy’s stall or Chez Remy restaurant, and can even be planted and harvested yourself. These ingredients would then be needed to create tasty recipes for you to then consume, sell, or gift out. For this particular guide, we will show you how to get garlic.

Here is how you get garlic in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Garlic in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to get Garlic

Found in the Forest of Valor, Garlic is used for several recipes in the game under the category of Spice and Herbs. Thankfully, they aren’t that hard to get.

It sells for 60 Star Coins each and replenishes 135 Energy when consumed.

They are located in the semi-top portion of Forest of Valor.

While they aren’t necessarily hard to come by, Garlic can be a pain to collect for some as it mixes in with the tall grass present in the forest.

It is quite hard to notice, but once you get used to collecting it, you can easily discern whether what you’re seeing is a harvestable Garlic or not.

To collect them, simply go near it and press harvest.