Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find Worms

September 8, 2022
It’s time to catch some Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Once you start exploring the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are going to find different items and ingredients that are required to finish specific quests. Dinner with a Friend is part of the Friendship Quests, and you will be required to find a Worms which is pretty easy if you know where to look for it. Keep reading our article and lets find some Worms.

If you can’t find Worms, then you are on the right place to learn where to catch in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Find Worms

Early in the game, you will come across a main quest in the game “Buting the Eel” in which you are required to find some Worms.

Looking for worms in the game might be a difficult process if you don’t know where to search for it.

The best place where you can find the worms is around the river, or any other area with water on the ground.

Go around the water where you will find a small digging spot on the ground.

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You need to come closer to in and make sure to use your shovel in order to dig it.

Not every dig will bring you a worm, and you might need to look around for more digging spots and keep on digging until you get your worms.