Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find A Shovel

September 9, 2022
Looking for a Shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then check this out!

Once you start exploring the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are going to find different items and ingredients that are required to finish specific quests. The Shovel is one of the most important tools that you are going to need while exploring the map. It can be used for digging the ground, cleaning the area in order to find plenty of required items and materials, and also completing some of the main quests in the game.

This guide will show you How To Find Shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Valley: How To Find A Shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It is pretty easy to find the Shovel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Shovel location is just to the right of the well in the center of your valley.

You can find it standing on the ground next to the old building.

After obtaining the shovel, you can start with your farming, digging up the ground to plant flowers and crops, and also digging the ground to find some of the mysterious treasures and items to complete quests in the game

Now, once you know where to find the Shovel, go into your game, and start with your digging tasks.