Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Find A Citrine

September 11, 2022
Want to find some Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then keep reading and learn how to do it!

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you will be able to find a lot of items and materials while exploring the areas. Most of those items are required to craft some other items and complete a specific quest, or just random items that you have to find in order to unlock them and use in your further decorations. Citrine is one of the gem stones that you will need to find by breaking some rocks around the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In thig guide we will tell you How To Find Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Find A Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In some of the quests, you will be required to find a Citrine stone which is needed to complete an objective from that specific quest.

Citrine gems can be found in the Sunlit Plateau and the Glade of Trust.

It might be a bit harder to obtain this gem or just go to the Sunlight Plateau which actually is seven thousand Star coins to open up. There are many mining areas that can be found.

If you are still early in the game, and haven’t unlocked the Sunlit Plateau area, you can obtain some Citrine gems in the Glade of trust area, where you can find some mining areas.

Check the image below for the specific place of the mining area.

These areas, Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust are the only areas where you can find the Citrine Gems.

Once you get there, you can find dark stones all across the side of the walls that look like they can be broken.

Use your pickaxe and go close to the stone to start hit on it.

It has a low chance of dropping this gem, and you might keep on trying several times until you dig your Citrine stone.