Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Duplicate Your House Storage Chest

September 15, 2022
Want to Duplicate Your House Storage Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Then check this out!

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you are going to explore a lot of different areas and obtain tons of collectibles that are part of some quest, or required items for your next crafting. Duplicating your chests is a little tricky feature that won’t increase your storage, but you will be able to duplicate all the items that you have from another chest, and use them or place them in the same chest at any location on the map.

Keep reading our guide and learn How To Duplicate Your House Storage Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Duplicate Your House Storage Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

By duplicating the storage chest, you will be able to build multiple chests but use the storage that you already have there.

It would be perfect to increase your storage but that’s it.

In order to duplicate your storage chest, you need to take all the items out then go into build mode, take the chest and press middle mouse button to remove it.

This will put the chest back in your furniture section.

Now, once you pick it up, you can order another chest from Scrooge. Go to McDuck and click to order items, and then select the furniture.

In the Furniture menu, you need to select Storage, and there you will find the chest for only 3.200 coins.

You can buy as many as you want chests.

Once you get the storage chests, you can place them anywhere on the map. It is best to place them in the area where you are farming because you can place some meals and energy boosters inside the chests, and you can take them from the chest wherever you are.

This will help you to get some items from your chest, or just drop items inside that you are farming without going back to your house