Disney Dreamlight Valley: Gather Paper For Ursula Guide

September 8, 2022
Do you need to Gather Paper for Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Check it out here!

The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of magic and you are about to discover rich stories and build the perfect neighborhood alongside Disney and Pixar heroes and villains in the new life-sim adventure game. Once you meet Ursula, she is going to give you a task to gather some paper for her, and here you can find all the locations in order to collect all the needed paper.

Read this guide, and learn how to Gather Paper For Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Gather Paper For Ursula Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Lair Sweet Lair is a quest that you can get from Ursula.

Ursula is still missing something, and maybe you will be able to find it for her. Since she’s out of the cave, Ursula needs a paper lair. Your job is to make sure she gets it.

In this quest, you are required to gather Paper for Ursula from the Village’s houses.

There are a total of 3 locations where you can find the paper, and you can check the locations in the text below.

Paper 1 Location

The first location is at Merlin’s House in the Peaceful Meadow area.

You need to get inside the house and the paper will be sitting on top of the table.

Go closer and interact with it to collect.

Paper 2 Location

The second paper can be found inside Goofy’s House in the Peaceful Meadow area.

Enter the house, and go at the edge of the sofa where you will find the second paper for Ursula.

Paper 3 Location

The third paper is located inside Mikkey’s House. Sometimes Mikkey might sleep and you won’t be able to get inside. Just wait for a while in the game and check again if he is awake, then you can enter his house.

Once you get inside, you will find the paper sitting on the table.

Once you collect all 3 papers, go back and talk to Ursula and give her the three papes, and then automatically your quest will be completed.