Discord: How To Enable Text in Voice Channels

June 6, 2022
Find out how to enable and use the new Text-in-Voice-Channel feature by Discord in this article.

Discord is the best place for gamers to hang out and talk with each other while playing a variety of games out there. With its popularity, Discord releases new features in almost every update and they have released an amazing quality of life feature called Text in Voice. This article will talk all about this feature, how to enable it, and how to use it.

Discord: How To Enable Text in Voice Channels

If you’re a discord user and you’re a part of any community on the platform that is of decent size, you have had instances when you’re sitting in a voice channel with multiple people and you’re unable to use your microphone due to a variety of reasons.

Until now, you’d have to go to a different Text Channel and then type your messages there and then wait for the other members in the VC to view and answer them. This new feature from Discord makes this part of communication much easier for both the people who can’t talk and the people who have to read the messages.

To enable this setting, you need to have certain permissions in a server that has ‘Community’ enabled. If you have this, head over to the name of the server and click on the drop-down menu at the top left. Next, head over to ‘Server Settings’. Again, you will only be able to view this if you have permission.

In the Server Settings, you will see ‘Community’ below a few settings. Now, if the server doesn’t have it enabled, you will only see the option to Enable Community here. You have to first go ahead and do that. But, if Community is available, then you will see the ‘Text In Voice’ option below it.

Head over to this option. On the right side, there will be a screen that will display a notice regarding this feature including the fact that Text In Voice will be enabled in all the servers by default on June 29, 2022. And below all this, you will see the ‘Enable’ button.

All you have to do is click on this button and the feature will be enabled in the given server. It’s a server feature and not a personal one so you can’t enable it only for yourself in personal settings. Once you’ve enabled it, it’s pretty easy to use this feature.

Join any of the voice channels and click on the channel again once you’ve joined so it opens up on the right side. Once that has happened, you will see a new option on the top right of your screen that resembles a message icon. The same icon is also present beside the channel name on the left side.

Click on this and a text window called ‘General’ will open. Don’t confuse it with a text channel named similarly. The messages you send here will not be sent in that channel and they can only be viewed by people in the VC. Also, when you send a message here, it will pop up for other people.

This also prevents the issue where the people who are not in VC would be looking at the messages and it would make them confused as to what is happening. It’s a really amazing feature introduced by Discord making this platform even more preferable.

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