Dinkum: Where To Find Spinifex Resin

July 18, 2022
Stumped? Uncertain about where to find Spinifex Resin in Dinkum? To discover where to look for it and how to harvest it, keep scrolling!

If you want to establish a farm for animals in Dinkum, you must first conduct research for your handling permit in order to raise animals. In order to prevent your animals from escaping, you’ll also need a crude fence. But Spinifex Resin, one of the key elements of a crude fence, doesn’t naturally exist in the realm of Dinkum. Learn where to find Spinifex Resin in Dinkum.

Dinkum: Where To Find Spinifex Resin

Where to find Spinifex Resin?

Spinifex Resin is primarily found in the jungle only. It’s difficult to find Spinifex Tufts outside of the jungle area. 

The bushes can be hacked down with an axe or scythe, however, the scythe is more effective because it can handle three bushes at once.

How to Get Spinifex Resin in Dinkum?

Follow these steps to get Spinifex Resin in Dinkum:

  • To see your mini map, press M.

  • Go to the jungle on your map which is a light green area.
  • In the forest, look for little spikey bushes.
  • Cut the shrubs with an axe or scythe.
  • To grab the Spinifex Tufts, press E.
  • Walk up to a fire and put the Spinifex Tufts in your toolbar.
  • The Spinifex Tufts can be burned by using a left click.
  • Give the fire one second to spew out Spinifex Resin.

You now understand how to obtain Spinifex Resin in real life. Spinifex Resin cooks quickly over a campfire, allowing you to swiftly prepare a stack of them. 

To run out of Spinifex Tufts, simply stand in front of the flame and keep pressing the left button. You can now use the resin to hold wood fragments together for stuff like a crude fence and other things.