Dinkum: Where To Find Pearls

Published: 18 Jul 2022
Check out this guide if you want to learn how to find pearls in the tropics of the ocean in Dinkum!

Pearl is an item that you can locate when you dive underwater. The player must actually enter the water and dive in order to find the pearls there. You can find so many things in the ocean such as sharks, varieties of fishes, and many other things. But Pearls are definitely one of the most amazing items that the player can locate in the game. Follow the guide as mentioned to discover pearls in the waters of Dinkum. 

Dinkum: Where To Find Pearls

Before you proceed, make sure the area is free of any potential predators. This primarily involves keeping an eye out for neighboring crocodiles and sharks, all of which have the potential to attack you while you’re looking for pearls in the water

If you are discovering the pearls close to an area where Tasmanian devils, emus, or any other land predators are common, we advise getting rid of those as well.

The player has to first see the location of the pearls on the map

Then after reaching the marked location, you have to keep a close eye out for anything dazzling or sparkling while looking for pearls in order to find them. 

Underwater sparkles usually signify a pearl you can dive for and collect.

The pearls cost 5,000 per piece in John’s shop, which is a fantastic additional source of income for you. More Pearl Picker milestones can be earned the more you collect.

Watch out for jellyfish as well, as they frequently hide in the water. You can also receive a hefty payout from Jelly for spearing one and moving it out of the way if you’re close enough to do so.