Dinkum: Ultimate Mining Guide

July 20, 2022
Check out this comprehensive guide to start mining in Dinkum!

Dinkum is an animal crossing-inspired game where you can build your own home, explore forests and grow various things on your farm. This guide will tell you how to mine in the game.

Dinkum: Ultimate Mining Guide

For building your town in the game, you will require plenty of metal ingots which can be obtained via mining. Before picking up your axe and heading off to mine these metals, do note that will require a mining license that can be purchased from Fletcher for 250 permit points.

This level 1 license will allow you to buy a basic pickaxe from John’s Goods which costs 1200 Dinks and can be used for mining tin ores and rocks. These tin ores can then be crafted into tin bars which are useful for numerous purposes.

You can upgrade your license to level 2 for 1000 permit points to obtain the Copper Pickaxe and this will allow you to mine all types of items. The Copper Pickaxe can be crafted from the crafting table and you will need a basic pickaxe and 2 copper bars to craft it costing 3250 dinks

When you upgrade your license to level 3 for 3000 points, you get access to the Iron Pickaxe and it will allow mining some of the rarest ingots in the game. The Iron Pickaxe can be obtained from the crafting table by using a copper pickaxe and 2 iron bars costing 9062 dinks.

Another tool that will help you mine faster is the Jackhammer Mining Tool and it will become available after John sets up a permanent store in the town. Once you sell the data disks to Franklyn, an investor will visit the town and you will be able to purchase the Jackhammer for 10,000 dinks plus additional materials from him.

You will need 1 green board, 1 stone grinder,2 hot cylinders, 8 iron bars and 5 old springs to purchase the Jackhammer. While the Jackhammer is not cheap by any means, it is intended as a late-game item that will speed your mining process and you will need to recharge it from time to time.

These are all the items that will help you mine in the game. Most of the time you will be able to mine most items with the Copper Pickaxe and there are three types of ores: tin, copper and iron available in the game.

The tin ores are black-coloured ores that can be found in every biome and be mine using the basic pickaxe. These are the ones that you will need most of the time as they can be crafted into tin bars. Other ores such as Copper and Iron are much rare in comparison with the copper ones mostly found in desert areas alongside tin ones whereas the iron ores are located inside mines.

There is also an unsmelted ore that doesn’t have any particular use and can be turned into bars with the help of a Furnace.

You can also purchase a Deep Mining License for 3500 permit points after you reach level 10 with a level 2 mining license and it will allow you to create your own mine with the mine deed.

Another thing you will need is the Mining Pass can be purchased from John’s store for 25,000 dinks and it can be used to access a randomly generated cave that changes every day.

That’s everything you need to know about mining in Dinkum!